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Re.Discover Bunbury

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bunburyart8Today Izzy and I went for an adventure around our city because there was something exciting happening for a change! The Re.Discover walking street art exhibition involved six West Australian artists creating six murals on six walls around the CBD in Bunbury over four days. This piece (above) was created by Anya, I have previously admired and photographed some of her work in Perth, so it was rad to see her brightening up the streets of Bunbury as well.bunburyart9Today was day three, with four walls already complete and the last two in progress, including this one (above) by the super talented Jodee Knowles.bunburyart3goodIzzy and I were lucky enough to watch the exhibitions creator Andrew Frazer (pictured) as he worked on his piece. He was such a nice guy, so friendly and clearly amazing at what he does. When I was speaking to him I had no idea it was his ‘baby’ and the time and effort that had been put into making it all happen. I would have loved to have been able to tell him to his face how much I appreciated that effort and asked some more questions. !t was wonderful feeling a buzz around a city that had felt so stagnant to me for so long.bunburyartflower.psdIt was a perfect summers day for walking around the city, we both had so much fun getting to ‘find’ the walls not knowing what we were going to see. It was also pretty special hearing so many people talking about it and supporting the whole project. The arts are my passion and it was wonderful to hear that there are so many people that appreciate and enjoy it just as much as me. bunburyartThe first part of the project concludes tomorrow night with an exhibition at the Bunbury Regional Art Gallery which I’m hoping to attend so I will keep you posted. I can’t wait to see what the next instalment of this awesome idea brings.bunburyartflower2


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