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A brand new year!

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20140116-153829.jpgIt’s a new year! Derr, I hear you say.. Yes, I know I’m late to the whole 2014 party and I know I’ve been a big WordPress stranger as well. That’s all about to change, well that’s the plan. I like plans, I like to make them, think about them, plan for them, write about them, I just like having them in general. Thinking about this new year ahead I definitely have a few plans (resolutions are overrated!)

I plan to learn to like/love myself more. This was something I started working on in the later parts of 2013. I’ve never really liked/loved myself and have spent a huge part of my life actively hating myself. 99.9% of the hate is directed at physical aspects of myself, I don’t spend much time thinking “wow, I really hate my personality” but I do spend so much time thinking about my physical appearance and picking it to pieces. I will physically pull or push bits as I tell myself how horrible they are and think about how I wished they were smaller or flatter or smoother etc. No more. I have started following some body positive instagrams and blogs and have come across some amazing people of all shapes and sizes that are helping to change the way I view and treat myself.

I plan to spend more time being creative. It’s what makes me happy and it’s what I would love to spend the rest of my days doing. I want to do some courses, enter some competitions, blog more and spend time just practicing and enjoying it all.

I plan to keep trying new things. There are still so many things I haven’t tried and experienced.. I’ve never had Japanese food or Indian or Vietnamese for example! I want to keep going to new places and having new experiences.

I plan to take better care of myself. After being so sick lately I want to make a real effort to get strong and healthy again. Eating heaps of fresh food, working out, drinking heaps of water and remembering to take all my vitamins. I want to get back to that super healthy and happy place I was at a couple of years ago.

There you have it, a few (there are many more) of my plans for 2014. What are some of yours? I hope you all have an amazing 2014.. I can’t wait to read along 🙂


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