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Dear WordPress


How are you? I’m Elle and I’m new here.

I have come from Tumblr, where for the last three years I have made a lot of friends, recorded the messy bits and pieces of my life, liked 26026 posts, scrolled through a lot of porn and started collecting gifs for all occasions (there really are gifs for ALL occasions and the fact I can iMessage them to people makes me so happy, probably happier than it should). It’s become too comfortable though, I’m not writing as much as I would like, I’m hiding behind the content of others instead of creating and sharing my own and I wanted a change, to add something new to the mix, so here I am.

I feel like a complete newbie right now, not really knowing where or how to start but eager to start regardless. So I guess I should tell you a little more about myself.. I love the colour green, I get lost easily, I have big feet, I paint, photograph, draw, build, write, sew, dye, fold, design; creating is what makes me happy. I get anxious, I think a lot, I’m currently wearing a dress with robots on it, I’m indecisive, I have reading glasses and lose them constantly, I love to love, I often get tears in my eyes when I laugh which confuses people that aren’t aware of this fact, I am allergic to shellfish and I love the smell of coconut. There is a bit more to me than that, but that will do for now.

Thanks for having me, I look forward to getting to know you (and the people who use you) better!

Love Elle xx

P.S If anyone reads this, don’t be afraid to say hi 🙂


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  1. Hello and welcome to WordPress. I started out at blogger but have been within this blogging community since January 2013. I really enjoy it here and I hope you do to. Thank you for the intoduction and look forward to bumping into you from time to time.


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